Friday, August 22, 2008

Sea Wolf Part (?)

In contemplating the workings of the human brain (see entry below) one must inevitably conclude, when looking at things in a purely scientific manner, that our entire lifelong memories, including the minutest details, are stored in a series of chemical processes contained in a fragile lump of tissue having the consistency of pudding.

Let me tell those few who have asked for more "Sea Wolf" that a great many more details miraculously continue to work their way out of that pudding, and must now be sorted, catalogued, indexed and filed in their proper order before presentation to the public.

"So," says one recent caller, "I see you changed some of the names...."

"Yes," replying jokingly, "'to protect the innocent.'"

"Ha!" comes the reply. "You mean 'to protect the guilty!'"

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Unknown said...

If anyone knows how to get in touch with the author or any involved in this story please reply to this so we may get in touch. I am very interested in following up on this story. Thanks