Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly, But...."

"The evil that men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones..."
-Funeral oration from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

One wonders sometimes at the credulity of the American people, who appear to be manipulated by slick politicians and swayed philosophically in one direction or another. (Remember when conservative was a dirty word , but liberal was OK?)
Still, to our credit, in the end we’ve always managed to vote according to our pocketbooks, and this fact is one reason we have remained both economically prosperous and free from the ideological excesses seen in other countries-- Germany, Russia, China, Iran, and Cuba, to name a few.
Today it’s heartening to see that voters in the Florida Keys have begun disassembling a clique of "dinosaurs" that has long outlived its usefulness. They "gang of three" donned a cloak of self-anointed moral righteousness, but in their private conversations, and with increasing arrogance in public, revealed their contempt for the democratic process and for the "little people" who still believe in it. And now they have been defeated.
Oh, their public accolades will continue, and buildings and places will bear their names. But in the end they were weighed in the balance and found sorely wanting. They’ll now take their places with the true dinosaurs, who are, mercifully, extinct. The American voters finally saw the light, too late to put an end to all their shenanigans, but soon enough to stop them from doing more. Fiat Justicia.

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