Sunday, July 13, 2008

Další Dobrodružství

Or should we say, "Another Adventure"?

Above are Steve & Leon, two guys who spent '95-'96 in the Keys doing construction work. They lived in the complex at 3333 Duck Avenue, which was like a little United Nations at that time (and may well still be).

Leon was from the (newly liberated) Czech Republic. Steve followed his father, a Presbyterian minister from Kentucky to Miami to do post-Andrew hurricane relief, and gravitated toward Key West shortly thereafter.

In the summer of 1996 they drove from Key West to Kentucky, then to Chicago, and all the way to Oregon. The trip was a real eye-opener for Leon, who had only seen Florida, and who thought, "I have seen the United States. It is flat and hot."

This was one reason we encouraged him to make the trip west, before he flew home. The other reason is that this sort of thing is best done when we are young. The last we heard Leon is married with two kids, and is a computer tech in Prague.

Steve developed an interest in tropical plants while exploring the Lower Keys, went to college in Miami, and is now working as a botanist the Botanical Gardens on Stock Island.

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