Monday, September 8, 2008

Ike Slides to the South, Key West is Spared

Ike slid to the south, and it looks like Cuba once again bore the brunt of it, with Mexico and/or Texas its next landfalls. The above picture is from
a hurricane site that many of our Key West neighbors (those that stayed, that is) are following. It seems to give a good and accurate picture of what is going on, and also provides maps of previous storm tracks, all with good graphics.

Oddly enough, we got a phone call today, right after it was clear that Ike was going to stay down south, from some friends who were on their way OUT of the Keys. Of course, we can't really blame them, because their property on Grassy Key was flooded after Wilma. In fact Marilyn called me on a cell phone during Wilma, to explain that she had driven their "antique" Porsche to the highest point of ground on their property, and the sea water was still coming up. I told her to wade ASAP to the nearest neighbors (which she did). Hope they are high and dry somewhere midstate tonight.

Will Florida dodge a major hurricane this year, thus hastening the advent of another real estate feeding frenzy? Or will the nationwide housing crisis put the quietus on things in general. It looks as if the answer might be, "Hurricane, shmurricane, here we go again? "

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