Friday, June 20, 2008

My Sentiments Exactly

Seen in today's paper:

Letter-writer is right about progress in Keys

Dave Scott of Marathon, who wrote "'Progress' is killing the
Florida Keys" (June 17 Letters to the editor), you read my mind. My thoughts exactly before I started to read the letters to the editor. There was, and in a small amount still is, something about Key West that makes it so unique. If you don't mind, Dave, may my words join yours. For every sunset Key West has, it takes part of that uniqueness away. One day, many folks will wake up and say "No More."

Elizabeth M. Sullivan, Washington, D.C.

We can only hope! And work to keep "Critical Concern" in place. But now Florida's governor is saying, "Let's drill offshore!" even though the relative dribble that may be produced is (1) years in the future and (2) will be sold at world market rate anyway.

How much smarter would it be to start investing in a world-class rail system for Florida? (I know, I know, that's not how things work....)

For a copy of Dave Scott's original letter, try this link.


Sean said...

Is that sunset picture real and is it around here???

Concerned Neighbor said...

That sunset is from a photo I scanned, hence the artifacts if you look at a large size of it. It's a pic I took out in Kemp Channel between Cudjoe and Summerland Keys back in the late 1990's is my best guess, and unretouched.