Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Couple of New Links

I have posted a few new links. The first is a link to Bill Estes's new web site. (That's Bill on the left, at the Key West Seaport in 2003.)
Bill is running for Monroe County Commission, and has some good ideas about how to keep the Florida Keys a great place for visitors and residents alike.

Jim Kunster is an author and artist, who has written several books on urban planning. The most well-known is "The Geography of Nowhere," about how faulty long-range planning has marred the American landscape. He has been in Key West, both as an invited lecturer (to the Florida Planning Association) and as a winter resident. He is highly opinionated, and his language is (more than) a little salty, but he accurately predicted the arrival of our current energy crisis almost to the month. His blog is a good read, if you are interested in what people need to do to get us out of our current situation.

And we also added a link to Save The Turtles, an Upper Keys organization dedicated to doing just that. Sure, there are a few oldtimers around who will tell you that sea turtles were just plain good eatin', and even I can remember when some fishermen would shoot them just for fun, and let the bodies sink to the bottom. (They claimed they damaged lobster traps.) But it's now 2008, and informed up-to-date people must realize that those days are over. We must save the turtles. "As the turtles go, so go the Keys (and, for that matter, the seas)."

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